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Infrared Filter

Infrared filters for high-tech applications

Suitable for gas detection

Customized manufacturing

Germanium Silicon Saphire

Pleiger Laser Optics IR filters are made of silicon, germanium, spahir, IR fused silica, and ZnSe. The bandpass filters are usually used for gas anlytics (H2O, ethanol, methanol, formaldehyde, CO2, CO, NO,).

Neutral density filters (gray filters) are placed in front of the sensor to reduce the amount of light on the detector. Long-pass and short-pass filters are used to block out spectral ranges.

IR filters from PLEIGER – Quality, made in Germany

IR filters with a high-quality PVD coating with high transmission in the application area.

  • Germamium filter
  • Silicon filter
  • Saphire filter

Depending on the application, we use materials such as germanium, sapphire, ZnSe and other materials. As an innovation leader in the optical field, we carry out feasibility studies for you and solve the technical problems of your application.

One of the most important quality criteria for IR filters is how effectively the optics block unwanted frequency ranges. In addition, the transmission coefficient is decisive. This value indicates whether the filter reduces the light energy of certain wavelengths. Regarding both parameters, PLEIGER infrared filters are the gold standard throughout the industry.

Thanks to our optics, you can shape frequency ranges within optical systems exactly according to your needs. Various filter designs such as band-pass, long-pass and short-pass filters are available for this purpose. We also ensure that the filters transmit infrared waves ideally.

This has the positive side effect that the filters do not heat due to the enormously low absorption. Firstly, we protect your equipment from wear and tear. Secondly, we enable time-efficient machining processes because the optics function perfectly under high loads.

All over the world, our company’s optics stand for precision and reliability. With us, you get planning, development and production from a single source. The infrared filters are 100% made in Germany, without outsourcing.

Filter designs

  • bandpass filter
  • longpass filter
  • shortpass filter
  • 0,8 – 12 µm

We adapt infrared filters to your applications

IR filters for the SWIR, MWIR and LWIR are made of germainium, silicon, sapphire, IR fused silica, zinc sulfides, zinc selenide.

Laymen often know infrared filters from the field of camera technology. However, the way our high-tech IR filters work differs from consumer applications:

Infrared blocking filters are usually used for cameras and image processing systems. These are typically also referred to as IR cut filters. The principle behind this: The filter blocks infrared waves that distort the colouring of images. With blocking filters, you get images that correspond to the perception of the human eye.

In the industrial and scientific context, the focus is on infrared-transmissive filter optics. Among other things, they are suitable for thermal imaging cameras and other optical thermography applications.

Gas analysis

  • H2O (water)
  • CH4 (methane) 
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • CO (carbon monoxide)
  • N2O (nitrous oxide)
  • O3 (ozone)

Measurement of environmental influences with IR filter from Pleiger Laseroptik with high peak transmission and high blocking of the VIS and LWIR range. Available on all materials which are transparent in IR.

Application areas of out IR filters:

  • Environmental measurements
  • Temperature measurements
  • Therography, such as in thermal imaging cameras
  • Safety-relevant aspects at industrial production sites
  • Emissions of polluting gases
  • Monitoring of incinerators and refineries
  • Quality control, for example in the chemical industry
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Benefit from the advantages of dielectric coatings from Pleiger Laseroptik:

With innovative coatings, we improve the performance of infrared filters and protect the components against environmental influences. In this way, the optics are not damaged under the harsh conditions in industrial lasers.

We use dielectric and metallic coatings in the PVD process. A combination of both materials is also possible. Thanks to the extremely thin layers, we preserve the filter properties and at the same time ensure an ideal surface structure.

To optimise the filter behaviour at certain wavelengths, we recommend our coating technology. It is conceivable here to adjust the transmission for steep angles of incidence.

The long life cycles assure you of maximum practicality.

Do you have questions about the coatings? Our staff will be happy to inform you about the advantages of certain processes.

IR Mirror
  •  High stability against environmental influences
  • Wide ranfe of applications
  • Experience and expertise for the SWIR to LWIR

Do you need mirrors for the SWIR, MWIR or LWIR?

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Do you need further information about our filters?

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