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Dielectric mirrors

Dielectric mirrors have a particularly highly reflective coating. Which material is used to manufacture the optical mirrors depends on the desired area of application.

Very low absorption values

Maximum reflection

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dielectric mirror
dielectric mirror

Dielectric mirrors

Dielectric mirrors are used to direct, manipulate and image light beams. The substrate is selected according to the intended application. When using glass, planar or spherical optics are possible. Dielectric mirrors made of metal can additionally be manufactured toric or cylindrical. Plane mirrors, in turn, can be manufactured in almost any shape. The application of dielectric layers maximizes the reflection of a surface.

Dabei kann jedoch nur ein kleiner Spektralbereich angehoben werden. Dielektrische Spiegel werden auf eine bestimmte Wellenlänge optimiert.

Nutzen Sie die ausgezeichnete Qualität der absorptionsfreien, extrem stabilen dielektrischen Beschichtungen aus unserem Hause. Mit leistungsstarken dielektrischen Spiegeln können einzelne Bereiche des sichtbaren, UV- und NIR-Spektrums hochpräzise und überaus effizient getrennt werden.

Convince yourself of the advantages dielectric mirrors of Pleiger Laser Optics:
  • Excellent quality
  • Optimized to one wavelength or laser
  • Design of coating is based on technical requirement
  • Single-unit production to high-volume production
  • Excellent quality control

Laser mirror

Laser mirrors are produced as plane mirrors or spheres, using silicon, beryllium or optical glasses as materials. To meet the requirements of demanding laser applications, dielectric coatings are applied to the laser mirror using an enhanced coating. These dielectric mirrors are designed for specific laser wavelengths. The laser mirrors for YAG and fiber lasers are used in deflection units and for beam shaping. We manufacture reflectors from silicon, copper, beryllium and silicon carbide.
You can choose between the following variants of dielectric laser mirrors:
  • YAG laser mirror
  • IR laser mirror
  • CO2 laser mirror
dielectric mirror
dielectric mirror
With our coating service, we offer high-quality dielectric as well as metallic coatings that can withstand even harsh environmental conditions and industrial production with fluctuating operating temperatures without losing any of their functionality.

For special applications, we develop coatings to customer specifications.

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