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Enhanced metal coatings

The application of dielectric layers increases the reflection of a metal layer.

Very low absorption values

Maximum reflection

Own development department

Enhanced Aluminium

Enhanced aluminium

The reflectance of aluminum can be enhanced in the UV and VIS by the additional application of dielectric multilayers. Whereby an adjustment to a wavelength range and angle of incidence is necessary. Enhanced aluminum is optimized for wavelengths between 350 nm and 700 nm. The figure shows the change in reflectance at different optimization wavelengths. In this example, for example, the coating was optimized for 500 nm, 550 nm and 600 nm. It can be seen that only a certain range can be raised at any one time. Translated with (free version)

Enhanced gold

Die Reflexion von Gold wird im infraroten Spektralbereich dann durch das Aufbringen von dielektrischen Schichten erhöht. Wir passen die Beschichtung hierzu auf Kundenwunsch für YAG und Faserlaserwellenlängen an.

Enhanced Gold wird auf Wellenlängen zwischen 900 nm und 1.100 nm optimiert.

Enhanced Silber

Enhanced silver

The reflection of silver can then be increased in the visible and infrared spectral range. For this purpose, we adapt the coating to customer requirements.

Enhanced Gold is optimized for wavelengths between 900 nm and 1,100 nm.

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