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Germanium Optics: Lenses and Windows for IR Systems and IR Instruments

For decades, PLEIGER has been involved in the design and production of tailor-made germanium optics. Our germanium lenses and windows are used worldwide for infrared sensors, thermal imaging cameras and night vision devices.

For more than 20 years, we have been part of the PLEIGER Group. We mainly produce optical components for the laser industry, but also germanium optics and other special lenses, windows and glasses for imaging procedures in medicine or for optical measurement of distance, speed and surface temperatures (LiDAR, thermometry and pyrometry).

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germanium lenses
Germanium Lenses 2

Germanium Lenses

Germanium lenses are used for the production of durable IR systems because they are optimally suited for focusing IR radiation in the range of 2-12 µm. In order to achieve the best possible transmission, our lenses have a PVD coating. Due to their remarkable properties, our germanium lenses are often used in camera lenses for infrared heat measurement.

PLEIGER germanium lenses are characterised by:

  • Small chromatic aberration
  • High mechanical stability
  • High transmission
  • Their use in laser systems or IR instruments
  • Useful working range: 2-12 µm

The product specifications of our germanium lenses:

  • Transmission Range: 2 – 12 µm
  • Refractive Index: ~ 4,0 from 2 – 14 µm
  • Density: 5,33 g/cm-3
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (10-6/°C): 6,1

Germanium Windows.

Due to its high refractive index (about 4) and its considerable Knoop hardness (780), germanium is useful for the production of many optical components and ideal for use in IR systems. That is why we also produce lenses made of germanium in addition to windows for thermal imaging and IR systems. We manufacture our germanium windows and lenses individually according to your specifications in every size and configuration. The anti-reflective coating can be applied depending on your specific application.

Simply tell us your requirements and we will send you a non-binding offer for your custom-made germanium windows and lenses.

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