CO2 Mirror CO2 Spiegel

CO2 Laser Mirror

High power CO2 laser mirror for laser cutting, welding and marking

Copper Total Reflector

High power CO2 mirror for laser cutting, marking and optical instruments and systems.

R > 99,8 % @ AOI 45° s-pol

R > 99,7 % @ AOI 45° p-pol

plano, spherical, aspherical, parabolic, toroid, cylindrical

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  • Laser cutting
  • Laser marking
  • Laser cavity
CO2 laser mirror
Silicon Mirror

Silicon Mirror

High power CO2 mirror for laser scanning, marking and cutting applications.

R > 99,8 % @ AOI 45° s-pol

R > 99,7 % @ AOI 45° p-pol

plano, spherical, cylindrical

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CO2 laser optics

Cavity Mirror

High power mirror for laser cavities. High UV-stability.

R > 99,8 % @ AOI 0°

Made of Silicon, OFHC-Copper, ZnSe, Germanium

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The Pleiger Resonator / Cavity optics are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of reflectivity and durability, to preserve laser power and laser mode under the harsh demands of the internal laser cavity or the external industrial operating environment. Our standard laser mirrors are designed to handle CO2 laser power levels up to several kilowatts with proper cooling, mounting and protection.

Our product range includes flat mirrors and spherical optics of silicon, copper, silicon carbide, and beryllium. Combined with our high-power low absoprtion coatings, we offer precisely the suitable optic for any application with a wavelength of 10.6 μm. Pleiger is your partner for designing and manufacturing CO2 lasers optics for CO2 laser systems, industrial, or medical applications. Our design and manufacturing capability covers optics for CO2 lasers from a few watts to over several kilowatts output power.

Available products:




OFHC-Copper, Silicon, Aluminium, Beryllium, Fused Silica

10 – 150 mm

plano, spherical, aspherical, toroidal, cylindrical

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