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High-Power CO2 Laser mirror

Deflecting mirrors

Copper and silicon optics

Resonator optics

Mirrors and partial reflectors

Many variants

Plano mirrors, spheres and toroids

High-Power CO2 laser mirrors

The powerful CO2 laser mirrors from Pleiger Laseroptik are used in resonators, deflection units as well as for beam shaping. Find out more about our wide range of high-quality optical components.

Benefit from the advantages of CO2 laser mirrors by:

  • Excellent quality
  • Highest reliability
  • Own development department
  • Manufacturing according to customer specifications
  • Fast delivery
  • Metallic and dielectric coatings
  • Use of high quality materials
  • Plano mirrors ans spheres available
co2 laser mirror
CO2 laser mirrors

The CO2 laser mirrors of Pleiger Laseroptik are used in resonators as well as deflection units and are also used for beam shaping. We manufacture the high-quality reflectors from silicon, copper, aluminum, beryllium and silicon carbide. The CO2 laser mirrors are available with different coatings. If a particularly high reflection is required, the use of dielectric mirrors is recommended.

Choose from the following CO2 laser mirrors to find the right products for your specific application:

  • Copper mirrors
  • Silicon mirrors
  • Resonator mirrors
  • Aluminium mirrors

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Copper mirrors

Copper mirrors are the perfect choice when highest laser powers are to be achieved. These CO2 laser mirrors can be used for demanding applications from laser cutting to laser welding, because copper has a very high thermal conductivity and it is also possible to integrate cooling lines directly into the CO2 laser mirrors.

Molybdenum coated copper mirrors are used for laser welding. Due to the hardness of molybdenum, the mirror coating can be cleaned without scratching it. Molybdenum absorbs CO2 laser radiation at a higher rate than other coatings for this laser. Since a layer of molybdenum only a few micrometers thick is applied to copper substrates in these mirrors, the good thermal conductivity of the copper is retained and the CO2 laser mirrors can be passively or actively cooled without any problems.

R > 99,8 % @ AOI 45° s-pole

R > 99,7 % @ AOI 45° p-pole

plano, spherical, aspherical, parabolic, toroidal

CO laser mirrors
CO laser mirrors
CO2 laser mirrors
CO2 laser mirrors

Silicon mirrors

Silicon mirrors are preferred for scanning systems and offer high dynamic strength. In addition, these CO2 laser mirrors are convincing in the field of application due to low material costs and thus high economic efficiency. Thanks to our High-Power CO2 coatings, we can manufacture optics that are ideally suited to the harsh conditions of industrial production (such as marking).

Silicon mirrors are used for resonators as well as external beam deflection. In this context, these laser mirrors are designed for the particularly high UV load in laser cavities. With appropriate cooling and proper mounting, silicon mirrors from Pleiger Laseroptik can handle laser powers of up to several kilowatts.

R > 99,8 % @ AOI 45° s-pole

R > 99,7 % @ AOI 45° p-pole

plano, spherical, cylindrical

Resonator mirrors

Resonator mirrors are High-Power mirrors for CO2 laser resonators. The resonator mirrors are designed and manufactured in excellent quality, so that these CO2 laser mirrors achieve the highest standards in terms of reflection and stability. Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure the preservation of laser power, laser mode, and consistent stability under the demanding conditions found in CO2 laser resonators. In addition, the external optics are ideally designed for operation in industrial environments.

Do you need high-quality CO2 laser mirrors? You can choose between laser mirrors with metallic and dielectric coatings, providing the right reflection for any application. The powerful optical mirrors are made of copper or silicon. Copper mirrors are available in plano, spherical, parabolic, toroidal or cylindrical. The CO2 laser mirrors made of silicon can be ordered in plano, spherical or cylindrical versions. Of course, our development department also works out ready-to-use components according to your specifications.

Concave mirrors
Pleiger Laseroptiks’ resonator mirrors are designed and manufactured to achieve the highest standards of reflection and stability. This includes maintaining laser power, laser mode, and stability under the harsh conditions found in CO2 laser resonators. Furthermore, the external optics are perfectly designed for operation in industrial environments.

R > 99,8 % @ AOI 0°

materials: silicon, OFHC copper

CO2 laser mirrors
CO2 laser mirrors

CO2 Laser mirrors - standard specifications

Scratch-Dig: 40/20 to 20/10*

Pass: 1/40 Lambda @ 10,6 µm

*not applicable for diamond machined mirrors

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