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High-power CO2 laser mirror for use as cavity mirror

Deflecting mirrors

Copper and silicon optics

Resonator optics

Mirrors and partial reflectors

Many variants

Plano mirrors, spheres and toroids

Our cavity mirrors offer you numerous advantages

In the field of CO2 laser technology, we are at the forefront of innovation with optical components such as cavity mirrors. For industry and research, we have been supplying laser mirrors that make the difference in your specific applications for decades.

Cavity mirrors enable constant laser power in CO2 lasers. Various materials as well as metals and dielectrics can be precisely processed. 

Find out more about our wide range of high-quality optical components.

Benefit from the advantages of CO2 laser mirrors by:

  • Excellent quality
  • Highest reliability
  • Own development department
  • Manufacturing according to customer specifications
  • Fast delivery
  • Metallic and dielectric coatings
  • Use of high-quality materials
  • Plano mirrors and spheres available
co2 laser mirror
CO2 laser mirrors

Cavity mirrors: indispensable for modern CO2 laser technology

Cavity mirrors are largely responsible for the fact that CO2 laser technology can be used in an economically viable way in industry. They provide the stability in the output power of the lasers that is necessary for precise material processing. 

We at PLEIGER Laser Optics have made it our goal to contribute towards making full use of the potential of CO2 lasers in industry and research with our cavity mirrors. Whether for the thermal processing of plastics or for metal processing – thanks to reliable cavity mirrors, a wide variety of application scenarios are conceivable.

CO2 laser mirrors from PLEIGER Laser Optics allow the use of industrial CO2 lasers reliably. Our CO2 laser mirrors are responsible for the stability of the laser beam. This allows precise and efficient machining processes.

Due to a selective reflectivity, our CO2 laser mirrors increase the precision of the lasers. Depending on the application, we use various materials for this. Thanks to individual consultation with our customers, you can find the right CO2 laser mirrors for specific processes.

Industrial material processing with CO2 lasers and cavity mirrors

CO2 lasers, also known as gas lasers, are used across all industries for the following work steps, among others:

Surface processing: This includes, for example, the marking of workpieces. Thanks to the cavity mirrors, the laser power can be adjusted exactly to the requirements of the respective materials. For organic materials, other values must be considered than for plastics or metals. CO2 lasers can mark leather, wood and cardboard, for example. 

The use of CO2 lasers for plastics is widespread. It is possible to gently remove paint without affecting the statics of components. This process also includes fibre plastics.

Cutting: The use of robust cavity mirrors is crucial for the performance of CO2 lasers. High output powers of the gas lasers can easily be achieved. This allows materials to be cut by laser. Fast processing and clean cutting edges are among the major advantages of these cutting methods. 

Welding: CO2 lasers are among the most powerful laser technologies. Thanks to our cavity mirrors, material bonds between two components can be ensured for a variety of materials. The strength at the weld seam is equal to the basic strength of the components used. This means that stable material connections are achieved without breakage or weak points.

CO laser mirrors
CO laser mirrors
CO2 laser mirrors
CO2 laser mirrors

Cavity mirrors and mirrors for deflection units in the highest quality

In addition to cavity mirrors for CO2 laser technology, we also manufacture mirrors for other laser systems. Our range includes plane mirrors or spherical mirrors in all common variants. If your applications require special mirror shapes, our development department is always at your service.

In consultation with you, we realise laser mirrors (e.g. dielectric-coated cavity mirrors) that are tailor-made for your application parameters. The reflectivity of our laser mirrors is reliably beyond 99%. High-power cavity mirrors from PLEIGER Laser Optics meet the highest standards in terms of low absorption levels and maximum reflectivity (R> 99.8%). 

The CO2 laser mirrors of PLEIGER Laser Optics are used in cavities as well as deflection units and are also used for beam shaping. We manufacture high-quality reflectors from silicon, copper, aluminium, beryllium, and silicon carbide. The CO2 laser mirrors are available with different coatings. If a particularly high reflection is required, the use of dielectric mirrors is recommended.

Our mirrors are suitable for specific wavelengths in high-power laser systems as well as for broadband applications. Broadband reflection is recommended for optical systems and low-power lasers.

In addition to CO2 laser mirrors, we also produce Brewster windows and other optical glasses for laser applications. 

Variations of optical mirrors and cavity mirrors

Choose from the following CO2 laser mirrors to find the right products for your specific application:

  • Copper mirrors
  • Silicon mirrors
  • Cavity mirrors
  • Aluminium mirrors

We implement all relevant shapes of mirrors for laser applications according to your specifications:

  • Plan
  • Spherical (concave, convex)
  • Toric
  • Cylindrical 

Our development department is always interested in breaking new ground in laser technology together with you. We are pioneers in the field of cavity mirrors for CO2 lasers. Our mirrors are perfectly adapted to the special, harsh conditions inside CO2 laser cavities. The result is high stability of the laser mode and laser power. This benefits your company in industrial manufacturing processes.

Typically, the operational wavelength of CO2 lasers is 10.6 µm. The CO2 molecules within the laser tube radiate in this frequency range as their states of activity change.

As reflectors within the laser, the CO2 laser mirrors intensify this frequency range of 10.6 µm and ensure a constant laser output. Depending on the geometric nature, our CO2 laser mirrors and lenses also improve the focal range of the laser beam.

CO2 laser mirrors
CO2 laser mirrors

Our coatings improve the performance of cavity mirrors and other optical components

Your individual application and the relevant conditions determine the coating process. Basically, a distinction is made between metallic and dielectric coatings. Metallic coatings made of gold, silver, or aluminium are used to improve the reflection behaviour of optical mirrors in certain spectral ranges. 

At PLEIGER Laser Optics, cavity mirrors are available with both metallic and dielectric coatings. A high degree of flexibility in our coating processes assures you of suitable reflection behaviour in all applications.

In addition to the positive influences on the reflection behaviour, dielectric coatings have other effects that are significant in practice:

  • High resistance to environmental influences
  • Lower absorption than metallic coatings
  • Effective protection despite extremely thin layers 

Our expert staff will be pleased to advise you personally on suitable coating processes. In addition to coatings for cavity mirrors and laser mirrors, we also implement anti-reflective coatings for technical glass.

We can develop customised CO2 laser mirrors and lenses to meet your specifications. Thanks to dielectric or metallic coatings, we prepare our CO2 laser mirrors perfectly for application. This guarantees safe handling and wear-free use in the long term.

Copper mirrors

Copper mirrors are the perfect choice when highest laser powers are to be achieved. These CO2 laser mirrors can be used for demanding applications from laser cutting to laser welding because copper has a very high thermal conductivity, and it is also possible to integrate cooling lines directly into the CO2 laser mirrors.

Molybdenum coated copper mirrors are used for laser welding. Due to the hardness of molybdenum, the mirror coating can be cleaned without scratching it. 

Molybdenum absorbs CO2 laser radiation at a higher rate than other coatings for this laser. Since a layer of molybdenum only a few micrometres thick is applied to copper substrates in these mirrors, the good thermal conductivity of the copper is retained and the CO2 laser mirrors can be passively or actively cooled without any problems. 


R > 99.8 % @ AOI 45° s-pole

R > 99.7 % @ AOI 45° p-pole

plano, spherical, aspherical, parabolic, toroidal

CO laser mirrors
metal mirrors
IR mirrors
plano mirrors

Silicon mirrors

Silicon mirrors are preferred for scanning systems and offer high dynamic strength. In addition, these CO2 laser mirrors are convincing in the field of application due to low material costs and thus high economic efficiency. Thanks to our High-Power CO2 coatings, we can manufacture optics that are ideally suited to the harsh conditions of industrial production (such as marking). 

This also includes cavity mirrors for gas lasers, which are excellently protected against environmental influences by our coating service

Silicon mirrors are used for cavities as well as external beam deflection. In this context, these laser mirrors are designed for the particularly high UV load in laser cavities. With appropriate cooling and proper mounting, silicon mirrors from PLEIGER Laser Optics can handle laser powers of up to several kilowatts.


R > 99.8 % @ AOI 45° s-pole

R > 99.7 % @ AOI 45° p-pole

plano, spherical, cylindrical

Cavity mirrors

Cavity mirrors are high-power mirrors for CO2 laser cavities. The cavity mirrors are designed and manufactured in excellent quality, so that these CO2 laser mirrors achieve the highest standards in terms of reflection and stability. 

Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure the preservation of laser power, laser mode, and consistent stability under the demanding conditions found in CO2 laser cavities. In addition, the external optics are ideally designed for operation in industrial environments.

Do you need high-quality CO2 laser mirrors? You can choose between laser mirrors with metallic and dielectric coatings, providing the right reflection for any application. The powerful optical mirrors are made of copper or silicon. Copper mirrors are available in plano, spherical, parabolic, toroidal or cylindrical. 

The CO2 laser mirrors made of silicon can be ordered in plano, spherical or cylindrical versions. Of course, our development department also works out ready-to-use components according to your specifications.

Our CO2 laser mirrors are also available for medical applications: In medical technology, CO2 lasers are used for gentle surgical procedures such as the treatment of scarred tissue.

metal mirror
dielectric coating

Concave mirrors

As the world’s leading company for laser optics, we offer you CO2 laser mirrors with standard parameters and individual production. Do you have special requirements for laser processing in your company? We go new ways together with you and realise CO2 laser mirrors based on your needs.

PLEIGER Laser Optics cavity mirrors are designed and manufactured to achieve the highest standards of reflection and stability. This includes maintaining laser power, laser mode, and stability under the harsh conditions found in CO2 laser cavities. Furthermore, the external optics are perfectly designed for operation in industrial environments.


R > 99.8 % @ AOI 0°

materials: silicon, OFHC copper

PLEIGER Laser Optics – laser and cavity mirrors for your applications

For more than 20 years, we have been supplying industrial companies in various sectors with our high-quality components.

As a company with a family tradition, the needs of our customers are particularly important to us. Out of conviction, we focus on constant innovation. Thanks to our claim to ourselves to be able to supply the perfect laser mirrors for every application, we develop future-proof optical components for you at the highest level. 

Our cavity mirrors for CO2 lasers are used in high-tech production processes all over the world. When you order from us, you always get flawless quality that stands out in international comparison due to perfect matching to individual applications. 

We will be pleased to work with you to find the right solution for your company. Comprehensive services combined with excellence in manufacturing make us the ideal contact for modern solutions in laser optics.

For high-performance applications in particular, it is important that the CO2 laser mirrors have low absorption values. This prevents the components from overheating and assures precise results in processes such as cutting, welding, or engraving.

CO2 Laser mirrors - standard specifications

Scratch-Dig: 40/20 to 20/10*

Pass: 1/40 Lambda @ 10,6 µm

*not applicable for diamond machined mirrors

Do you need further information on CO2 laser mirrors?

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