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Coating Service - Metals And Dielectrics

PLEIGER offers a wide range of optical first surface coatings for optical instruments and laser applicationss. Metallic coatings are preffered for broadband applications and some low power laser instruments. An enhanced coating boosts the reflectance by adding layers of dielectrics material, but the region over which the reflectance is boosted is limited. Laser line coatings are designed for a special wavelength or laser type and distinguish themselves through the highest reflection values.

Coatings – Metallic

Gold ist the best material for all infrared applications. It may used from 700 nm. It is very soft and may be scratched easily. We recommend to protect it an oxide layer.

Datasheet Protected Gold

Reflexion Gold mit Schutz VIS NIR

Silver is only used in the visible and infrared spectral range. It does tarnish when exposed to air, owing mainly to the formation of silver sulphide, but the initial high reflectance and the extreme ease of evaporation make it a commen choice for components.

Datasheet Protected Silver

Reflexion Silber mit Schutz VIS NIR

Aluminium is only used in the UV and visible spectral range. The reflectance of an aluminium coating does drop gradually in use, although the thin thin oxide layer, which always forms on the surface very qauickly after coating, helps to protect from further corrosion. We recommend to protect the aluminium film with an oxide layer.

Datasheet Protected Aluminium

Reflexion Silber mit Schutz VIS NIR

Rhodium / Platinum / Chrome

Rhodium and Platinum reflect less than the other metals (Gold, Silver and Aluminium). These metals are only used where stable films very resistant to corrosion are required.


  • exhaust gas measurements
  • medicine technology




Laser Spiegel

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Coatings for lasers

Metallic reflecting layers suffer from a considerable absorption loss, which still permits a high level of performance in most simple systems. There are applications where the absorption in the metal layer is too high and the reflectance too low. Theses include resonators, where the high number of successive refelctions maqgnifies the effects of absorption, and in high power systems where the absorbed energy may damage the coating.

CO2 laser coatings

The Pleiger CO2 reflector coatings are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of reflectivity and durability, to preserve laser power and laser mode und the harsh demands of the internal laser cavity or the external industrial operating environment.

  • Optimized for 10.6 µm

Datasheet CO2

  • Optimized for 10.6 µm and 633 nm

Datasheet CO2 & 633

  • Optinized for 10.6 µm / Cavity

Datasheet CO2 cavities

optische Beschichtungen

YAG / Fiber laser coatings

The Pleiger NIR reflector coatings are designed and manufactured as all dielectric multi layer mirrorsoperating environment.

  • Nd:YAG 1064 nm
  • Fiber laser: 940-970 nm

Datasheet YAG/Fiber

dielectric mirror

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