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Optical coatings and components for applications from UV to IR. Metallic coatings offer optimal properties for broadband applications in spectroscopy and lighting. Dielectric coating systems are designed for a laser wavelength and distinguish themselves through the highest reflection values.

Fro more then 20 years we are a member of the Pleiger Group of companies with its headquarter in Witten, Germany. We coated more than 1 million optics. Our Laseroptik’s quality, reliability, and  expertise has made us a long-term partner for a wide variety of optical  ndustrial sectors.


We offers optical components for worldwide delivery. Our high precision mirrors and lenses are used in laser material processing, medical technology, measurement technology, spectroscopy, aerospace applications, and FLIR.

  • Laser mirrors for CO2 / YAG / Fiber lasers
  • Gold mirrors for IR
  • Silver mirrors for VIS and IR
  • Aluminium mirrors for UV and VIS
  • All-dielectric coated optics for VIS and IR


We offer a coating service for on almost all optical materials. Gold, Silver and Aluminium are optimized for optical systems. All-dielectric coatings are designed for a spectral range and high power applications as marking and cutting.

  • Gold coatings for IR
  • Silver coatings for VIR to IR
  • Aluminium for UV and VIS
  • Laser coatings for CO2 / YAG / Fiber lasers
  • All-dielectric coatings

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CO2 Laser Spiegel

Laser Mirror

Our laser mirrors are metallic or dielectric coated and are optimized for all optical systems. We produce mirrors from silicon, copper, fused silica, Beryllium and SiC.

  • Nd:YAG laser mirrors
  • Fiber lasers
  • Gold, Silver and Aluminium mirrors
CO2 Laser Spiegel laser cavities und laser resonatoren

CO2 Mirror

Total reflectors for CO2 lasers are used within a laser cavity or external to the laser as bending mirrors. Total reflectors are front (first) surface coated optics for maximium reflectivity made of copper or polished silicon. The Pleiger Resonator / Cavity optics are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of reflectivity and  durability, to preserve laser power and laser mode und the harsh demands of the internal laser cavity or the external industrial operating environment.

Tooling planetary

Coating Service

We offers a wide range of optical first surface coatings for optical instruments and laser applicationss. Metallic coatings are preffered for broadband applications. An enhanced coating boosts the reflectance by adding layers of dielectrics material. Laser line coatings are designed for a special wavelength or laser type and distinguish themselves through the highest reflection values.

Optical Mirrors

Coated optical components are found here:

Optical components section

Pleiger Laseroptik is a member of the Pleiger Group. More information at www.pleiger.de

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