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PLEIGER Laser Optics: Optical Components and Coatings

For more than 20 years, we have been part of the PLEIGER Group. During this time we have coated more than 1 million optics, making us an important partner for companies in the optical industry. Take advantage of our experience in the field of laser optics: PLEIGER has specialised in the development and production of optical components and coatings for all applications from UV to IR for more than 20 years.

Customised Production

Decades of Experience

Excellent Quality

Worldwide Delivery

Maximum Optical Reflectivity Laser Mirrors

Laser mirrors from PLEIGER offer you the following advantages:

  • Maximum reflection through dielectric layers
  • Use of highly polished materials
  • Can be used for various laser applications
  • Our proprietary development process
  • State-of-the-art production methods
  • Outstanding product quality
  • Immediately available standard version
  • Production according to customer specifications
  • Fast production and delivery

In laser optics, a distinction is made between metallic and dielectric coatings. The distinction is based on the coating material. In the case of metallic coatings, for example, aluminium or silver is used for the production of reflectors. These reflectors are preferably used for broadband applications and low-power laser instruments.

Dielectric coatings are mainly used to manufacture laser mirrors and filters for high-power laser applications. Dielectric coatings have an oxidic, transparent layer structure and remarkable optical and functional properties; their reflectivity is almost 100% in individual wave ranges.

High-Power Laser Optics and Coatings

With our high level of innovation, we are a leader in modern laser optics. Through our Coating Service, we offer a wide range of optical coatings for optical instruments and laser applications.

We coat almost any optical surface from plano surfaces to polygons up to SW300 millimetres. Whether coating a single item or a large order, we fulfil every individual customer specification down to the last detail. Learn more about the coating service from PLEIGER laser optics. We would be pleased to discuss your needs in a person and provide a free quote.

Laser Lenses, Laser Mirrors and Filters That Fit Your Needs

In laser optics, all components must fit together perfectly, guarantee flawless quality and be precisely matched to your application. Only in this way you can achieve the best results.

Thanks to our many years of experience and specialisation in the field of laser optics, we can advise you as required and supply you with the perfect laser lenses, laser mirrors and filters for your application. We can provide you with standard optics immediately or custom-made laser optics according to your individual specifications.


We offer a coating service for almost all materials. Coating with gold, silver and aluminium, for example, is suitable for optical systems. Dielectric layers are designed for high-performance applications.

  • Gold Coatings for IR
  • Silver Coatings for VIS to IR
  • Aluminium Coatings for UV to NIR
  • Laser Coatings for CO2 / YAG / Fibre Laser
  • Dielectric Coatings according to specification


PLEIGER Laser Optics supplies ready-to-use optical components for laser applications, optical instruments and measurement technology. We manufacture mirrors and lenses from metals, semiconductors and glasses.

  • Laser Mirrors for CO2 / YAG / Fibre Laser
  • Gold Mirrors for IR
  • Silver Mirrors for VIS and IR
  • Aluminium Mirrors for UV to NIR
  • Dielectric Laser Mirrors for IR

Learn more about the coating service from PLEIGER laser optics.
We would be pleased to discuss your needs in a person and provide a free quote.

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