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PLEIGER Laser Optics

Innovative laser optics at the highest level – from IR to UV

We manufacture laser optics to the latest standards for all applications. Whether in series production or in custom manufacturing of specific optics components – the highest quality standards and constant innovation guarantee you flawless optics that make the difference in your areas of application. 

Mirrors And Lenses

UV to IR Optics

High Power Optics

IR Lasers

Coating Service

Metals And Dielectric Coatings

Our wide range of services offers you suitable solutions. We rely on a wide range of high-quality materials. PLEIGER Laser Optics stands for absolute reliability and customer-oriented performance.

IR mirrors
Surface mirrors
Laseroptik dielektrischer Spiegel
Laseroptik Goldspiegel

Optical components and coatings – our product range in laser optics

Mirrors, cutting lenses or optical windows: We provide you with all optical components that are required industry-wide. 

In addition, we implement coatings for optics. Our products are ready for immediate use and guarantee you the highest performance, even under challenging circumstances. That is why research and industry rely on our components for laser optics.

For more than 20 years, we have been part of the PLEIGER Group. During this time, we have coated more than 1 million optics, making us an important partner for companies in the optical industry. 

Take advantage of our experience in the field of laser optics: PLEIGER has specialised in the development and production of optical components and coatings for all applications from UV to IR for more than 20 years.

Your company benefits daily from this range of outstanding components in its own work. Whether with coated ZnSe lenses or innovative CO₂ laser mirrors – all products can be customised exactly to your specifications on request.

Laser optics from the world market leader – maximum optical reflectivity laser mirrors

We manufacture high-performance laser mirrors in various types. Precise, polished materials ensure maximum reflection. Our quality assurance uses the latest measurement technology that continuously monitors manufacturing processes. This ensures that every component is flawless and can be used according to your needs. 

Whether you order one-offs or large batches, our mirrors for laser optics reliably achieve the best results in practice. High-power laser mirrors are used both in deflection units and for beam shaping. Depending on your individual applications, mirrors made of silicon, copper, beryllium, and silicon carbide are recommended for laser optics. 

Laser mirrors from PLEIGER offer you the following advantages:

  • Maximum reflection through dielectric layers
  • Use of highly polished materials
  • Can be used for various laser applications
  • Our proprietary development process
  • State-of-the-art production methods
  • Outstanding product quality
  • Immediately available standard version
  • Production according to customer specifications
  • Fast production and delivery
metal mirrors
IR mirrors
CO laser mirrors
optical mirrors

Coating methods for laser optics

In laser optics, a distinction is made between metallic and dielectric coatings. The distinction is based on the coating material.  

In the case of metallic coatings, for example, gold or silver is used for the production of reflectors. These reflectors are preferably used for broadband applications and low-power laser instruments. The high reflectance over a wide wavelength range is remarkable. 

A special feature of metallic coatings for laser optics is that the choice of material has a strong influence on the reflection behaviour. Basically, every metal that can be used for coating laser mirrors and optical mirrors reflects a specific spectral range much better than other metals. We are available for consultation with any questions you may have. 

Dielectric coatings are mainly used to manufacture laser mirrors and filters for high-power laser applications. The lower absorption value of the dielectric coating is an advantage over bare metallic coatings. 

An optical mirror with a metallic coating, such as a gold coating, can also be additionally provided with a dielectric layer. Your individual application purposes are key here.

Dielectric coatings have a multi layer structure and remarkable optical and functional properties; their reflectivity is almost 100% in individual wave ranges.

Thanks to the dielectric coating, mirrors from PLEIGER Laser Optics are more resistant to environmental influences. Extremely thin layers with an effective protective effect on various materials are possible.

Extensive services for High-Power laser optics and Coatings

With our high level of innovation, we are a leader in modern laser optics. Through our coating service, we offer a wide range of optical coatings for optical instruments and laser applications. We coat almost any optical surface, from plano surfaces to polygons up to SW300 millimetres. The choice of the right coating depends on optical, mechanical and chemical requirements. We offer a flexible coating service. You tell us your application parameters, we then realise customised solutions. Whether coating a single item or a large order, we fulfil every individual customer specification down to the last detail. To produce reliable mirrors and lenses for laser optics, we rely on innovative coating processes. At the end of the seven-stage process, we thoroughly test the components for:

  • Reflection
  • Transmission 
  • Adhesion
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to high humidity

Learn more about the coating service from PLEIGER Laser Optics. We would be pleased to discuss your needs in a person and provide a free quote.

PLEIGER Laser Optics: laser lenses, laser mirrors and filters that fit your needs

In laser optics, all components must fit together perfectly, guarantee flawless quality and be precisely matched to your application. Only in this way you can achieve the best results.

Thermal loads in laser systems or external conditions such as humidity – optics and laser mirrors have to convince with precision and performance even under difficult conditions. Our products are designed to give you technical and ultimately economic advantages in various applications. Cavity mirrors, laser lenses or the coating of components: We at PLEIGER offer you a wide range of services.

Laseroptik Goldspiegel
Surface mirrors
CO laser mirrors

Large selection of high-quality standard laser optics or specific custom-made optics

Thanks to our many years of experience and specialisation in the field of laser optics, we can advise you as required and supply you with the perfect laser lenses, laser mirrors and filters for your application. We can provide you with standard optics immediately or custom-made laser optics according to your individual specifications. 

As a high-tech company with a family tradition, we combine innovation in the field of laser optics with personal commitment to our customers. Your satisfaction is an important matter for us. 

Do you have special requirements for optics or laser components? With our own development department, we are able to realise innovative mirrors, lenses, and filters for laser optics exactly according to your requirements. Go new ways together with us.

Our range of coatings for laser optics

We offer a coating service for almost all materials. Coating with gold, silver and aluminium, for example, is suitable for optical systems. Dielectric layers are designed for high-performance applications.

Thanks to our coatings, optics are optimised precisely for your applications. You can view all relevant data on the properties of our high-performance coatings online on our website. This speeds up your ordering processes and ensures that you receive laser optics that meet your requirements. 

Our data sheets provide information on spectral behaviour, reflectance behaviour and other coating properties at a glance. 

  • Gold Coatings for IR
  • Silver Coatings for VIS to IR
  • Aluminium Coatings for UV to NIR
  • Laser Coatings for CO2 / YAG / Fibre Laser
  • Dielectric Coatings according to specification
Laseroptik dielektrischer Spiegel
Laserbeschichtung IR
Laseroptik Scannerspiegel
Laseroptik ZnSe Linse

Laser optics and optical glasses for modern laser systems

PLEIGER Laser Optics supplies ready-to-use optical components for laser applications, optical instruments and measurement technology. We manufacture mirrors and lenses from metals, semiconductors, and glasses.

Fused silica glasses for precision optics are available in Suprasil and Infrasil variants. Our fused silica glasses are ideally suited for high-performance applications due to the low absorption of the components. In laser optics, Infrasil and Suprasil glasses are used as mirrors and windows for diodes, among other applications. 

If your applications require particularly low dispersion values, we recommend mirrors, lenses, or prisms made of borosilicate crown glass. This is the case, for example, with broadband applications in laser optics. Borosilicate crown glasses are characterised by their high-temperature resistance and low coefficient of expansion. 

We also produce optics from materials such as germanium or silicon. At PLEIGER Laser Optics, we aim to produce the right mirrors and lenses for every application. Among other things, you can get from us: 

  • Laser Mirrors for CO2 / YAG / Fibre Laser
  • Gold Mirrors for IR
  • Silver Mirrors for VIS and IR
  • Aluminium Mirrors for UV to NIR
  • Dielectric Laser Mirrors for IR

PLEIGER Laser Optics – your partner for optical components and coatings

For decades, we have been a reliable supplier for companies in the optics industry worldwide. 

We are significantly involved in the further development and technological optimization in laser optics. Our copper, silicon, and resonator mirrors for CO₂ lasers are just one example. 

No matter how complex the needs in your applications are: Contact us at any time with your request. We are always ready to take on technical challenges. Based on your specifications, we implement components and coatings for laser optics with precision.

Each project is as different as our clients

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