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Concave mirror

The high-quality concave mirrors from Pleiger Laseroptik are used for a wide variety of applications in industry. Find out more about the variety of our product range and the possibilities of customized production.

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concave mirrors
concave mirror

Concave mirror

In contrast to plao mirrors, concave mirrors are curved inward. Concave mirrors are often used in the field of imaging optics, for example for telescopes. The advantage of spherical surface mirrors over lenses is the absence of chromatic aberrations.

Concave mirrors are optimal for focusing light. These optical components are used to process materials using laser technology. Surface mirrors are also used in biotechnology and medical technology. Another field of application is the semiconductor industry.  Depending on the area of application, our concave mirrors have efficient, highly durable coatings.

Our concave mirrors offer a number of decisive advantages:
  • Application of different substrates
  • Available with metallic or dielectric coating
  • Excellent quality management
  • Made-to-measure production according to individual requirements
  • One-off to large-scale production
We offer high quality concave mirrors in the following variants:.
  • Glass mirror
  • Gold mirror
  • Silver mirror

Concave mirror coating

Optical coatings made of metals sometimes have considerable absorption losses. For this reason, the reflection is too low for many technical applications. For highly reflective mirrors, therefore, dielectric coatings are used exclusively. These transmit the non-reflected part and can thus achieve very low absorption values.

Such coating systems are optimized for one wavelength or laser and thus achieve reflection values of up to 99.9 %. The coating of glass enables the production of mirrors for one or two wavelengths and even for broadband applications. Such High-Power coatings are optimized for High-Power laser applications.

concave mirror
concave mirror

Concave glass mirror

Concave glass mirrors are optical components that have an optimally reflecting surface and are preferably used for the construction of telescopes and other imaging systems. With the help of a metallic or dielectric coating, the technical and optical properties of the concave mirrors are optimized.

The technical requirements and economic specifications influence the design of the concave mirrors. Use the advice of our competent experts for your product selection. We manufacture individual optical components according to your specifications, but also produce large series. We will be pleased to submit you an individual offer.

Order ready to use optical components from Pleiger Laseroptik now.

Here you can find our overview of optical mirrors

Concave gold mirror

Concave gold mirrors are high performance surface mirrors that provide broadband reflection for optical as well as technical systems. In addition, these concave mirrors are used in low power laser systems. We offer gold mirrors as plano and spherical versions. You can choose between concave and convex mirrors.  Furthermore, gold mirrors are available as parabolic mirrors, toroids as well as cylindrical optics.

Concave gold mirrors are used particularly frequently in the infrared range and develop their full potential from a wavelength of 700 nanometers. In principle, it is not necessary to apply a protective coating, since the precious metal gold does not corrode. However, gold is also very soft and thus it is recommended to apply a dielectric protective layer so that you can clean the surfaces occasionally.

concave mirrors
concave mirror
concave mirror
concave mirror

Concave silver mirror

If the concave mirrors are required for applications in the infrared spectral range, silver mirrors are the right choice, because silver offers the best reflection of all metals in the infrared range. However, this is offset by the disadvantage that silver oxidizes relatively quickly. Although this process cannot be stopped completely, it can be slowed down with a protective layer of oxide. A dielectric coating enables optimal reflection and corrosion protection of the concave mirror.

We manufacture concave mirrors in our company in any specifications you require and provide the optical components with the coating of your choice.

Our concave mirrors have sophisticated geometries and also impress with stability, maximum reflectivity and precise shape accuracy. For this reason, we have been a renowned partner of many companies in the optical industries for more than 20 years.

Our own development department, the latest production processes and measuring technology as well as excellent quality management ensure that we always meet our customers’ requirements in the best possible way.

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