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Optical mirrors

Pleiger Laseroptik offers you a wide range of optical mirrors of the highest quality. Many years of experience and cooperation with various optical industries make us a powerful supplier of optical components.

Take advantage of a renowned manufacturer of high quality optical mirrors: 

Surface mirrors

Laser mirrors and mirrors for optical metrology

From UV to IR

high precision mirrors for all wavelength range

Special forms

Aspheres, toroids, cylindical mirrors

optical mirrors
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Benefits of our optical mirrors

  • Excellent quality
  • Production from single pieces to large series
  • Optimal expertise
  • Excellent quality assurance with the latest measuring technology
  • Wide variety of products for different applications

Pleiger Laseroptik supplies optical components such as laser mirrors, surface mirrors, front surface mirrors and lenses. Our quality, reliability and competence make us a long-standing and reliable partner for a wide variety of optical industries. Our development department enables the fast elaboration of customized optical mirrors as well as metallic and dielectric coatings. We manufacture to the highest quality standards. To achieve this, we attach great importance to exemplary quality assurance. In the area of quality assurance, we use the latest measuring technology as well as our own, self-designed measuring equipment.

Choose between the different product groups in the area of optical mirrors.

Metal mirrors made of

  • BK7, Fused Silica
  • Silicon
  • OFCH Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Zerodur
  • inclusive coating
overview optical coating

is the perfect choice for all applications in the IR range. However, it can only be used from a wavelength of 700 nm. Due to its low hardness, it scratches very quickly. Therefore, we recommend to provide it with an additional protective coating. Gold mirrors are often used in infrared measurement technology and in low-power laser systems.

overview optical coating

is used exclusively from VIS to IR. However, it tarnishes on contact with air. It must therefore always be given final protection with a protective coating. Of all metals, silver offers the highest reflection in the visible wavelength and infrared range. These silver mirrors are used in astronomy, laser technology (mirror telescopes) and measurement technology.

overview optical coating

is easy to evaporate (PVD) and for this reason is the prefered material for many applications from UV to NIR. It is therefore the most commonly used material for mirror fabrication. However, the reflectance of aluminum drops over time. The reason is the formation of oxide on the surface. At the same time, however, this protects surface from further oxidation.

overview optical coating

Rhodium / Platinum / Chrome
Rhodium is a high-melting precious metal that enables very hard and also chemically stable metallic coatings. Platinum is also used when a highly stable mirror surface is required. It does not tarnish and is not attacked by aggressive gases or liquids. However, the reflectivity of rhodium, platinum and chrome is lower than that achieved by metallic coatings such as gold, silver or aluminum. Due to their stability, they are nevertheless a perfect alternative for optical applications under extreme conditions.

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Copper mirrors

Our copper mirrors are made of OFHC copper, an electrolytically refined metal. This is particularly pure due to its manufacture and has an oxygen content that is less than 0.001%. A copper mirror is therefore more ductile and exhibits higher conductivity. Optical mirrors made of this material are typically diamond-machined and are plano, spherical or toroidal in shape. You can thus choose from a wide range of product variants. Of course, we also offer high-quality optical mirrors as customized one-off products. But also large and small series production is part of our wide range of products. Copper mirrors are used as total reflectors for laser cutting and offer highest reflection with excellent cooling possibilities with an active or a passive water cooling.

optical mirror
optical mirror

Glass mirrors

Our glass mirrors are optical components with a highly reflective surface. Metallic or dielectric coatings are applied to the glass substrates. The design of the optical mirrors is based on the technical requirements of the selected application as well as on economic criteria. Our experts will be happy to advise you in detail on your product selection. For example, you can choose between plano mirrors and concave mirrors. Glass mirrors with a high-performance reflective surface are used particularly frequently in optical device manufacturing.

optical mirror
optical mirror

Materials: Silicon / Copper / Aluminium / Silicon carbide / Beryllium / BK7

Our front surface mirrors or surface mirrors are designed and coated for maximum reflection. Therefore, we use only precise, polished and machined materials. These include metals, semiconductors as well as optical glasses. Pleiger Laseroptik produces a wide range of front surface mirrors for optical and technical instruments as well as laser applications and systems. For broadband applications as well as low-power laser systems, metallic coatings provide adequate reflection. An “Enhanced” coating increases the reflection by additional dielectric layers. However, only a small spectral range can be raised. The dielectric mirrors and optics are optimized for a specific wavelength.

optical mirror
optical mirror


Lightweight aluminum mirrors are used in optical and technical instruments in a wide range of applications. Important advantages are the low weight as well as the lower cost. Aluminum alloys allow very low micro-roughness, which is better than 3 nm rms. The large aluminum deposits and its compatibility are a major commercial advantage. It offers a compromise between thermal stability, long durability and also low cost.

Silicon mirrors

Laser mirrors made of silicon convince with a low weight and also with favorable manufacturing costs. In addition, silicon has a high thermal conductivity. These properties make silicon a preferred material for scanner and deflection mirrors, which have to be cooled passively. We offer our customers silicon mirrors in best quality and configure the optical mirrors exactly according to the technical requirements of your special application.

optical mirrors
optical mirrors
optical mirror

Silicon carbide (SiC) / Beryllium

Lightweight silicon carbide optics provide a perfect combination between material properties and polishing technology. This material offers high stiffness and thermal stability with good thermal properties. SiC is non-toxic and therefore a substitute for beryllium without sacrificing dynamic performance.

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