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Silicon carbide (SiC) - Scanning mirrors

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Lightweight silicon carbide optics are the perfect combination of material properties and polishing technology. This ceramic material offers high strength, thermal stability and good mechanical properties. SiC is a non-toxic substitute for beryllium in scanning systems for highest speeds without loss of dynamic properties of the system.

Silicon carbide plano mirrors can be polished and coated on one or both sides.

We manufacture silicon carbide mirrors including the coating needed for your application. In addition to metallic coatings of gold or silver for broadband applications from the visible to the infrared spectral range, we offer High-Power coatings for fiber, YAG and CO2 lasers. These are optimized for the application wavelength and scan angles. Our PVD coatings are characterized by low layer stress even with multilayer coatings.

silicon carbide
silicon carbide

Silicon Carbide Material Properties

Density [g/cm3] > 3.16
Compressive strength [MPa] 2200
Flexural strength, 4-pt bending s [MPa] 510 (25 °C)
Young‘s modulus E [GPa] 420
Poisson ratio 0.17
Knopp hardness HK [GPa] 2450
Fracture toughness KIC [MPa vm] 4
Thermal conductivity ? [W/mK] 150
Coefficient of thermal expansion a [10-6 K-1]4.1 (500°C)

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