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Zinc selenide (ZnSe) Lenses

Marking / Cutting / Engraving

ZnSe cutting lenses

replacement lenses for all current manufacturers

ZnSe lenses

for laser engraving and laser marking

Many variants

f-theta lenses, windows, wedges, brewster windows, aspheres

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ZnSe Lenses
ZnSe Linse und ZnSe Optik

ZnSe Lenses

The ZnSe lenses for laser cutting and marking are made of high quality material with lowest absorption values. In combination with an anti-reflection coating, PLEIGER optics enable the focusing of a High-Power CO2 laser with excellent precision. For highest laser powers above 4 kW we offer a low absorbing AR/AR coating that minimizes thermal lensing.

Pleiger optics made of silicon, germanium, ZnSe and ZnS are used in thermography, IR spectroscopy, night vision devices and target tracking. Our product range includes windows, spherical and aspherical lenses and windows for broadband applications from NIR to FIR.

We manufacture our ZnSe optics according to customer specifications. Typical products are meniscus lenses, plano-convex lenses and brewster windows. We supply, if requested, including an AR/AR coating for one laser wavelength or for a broadband application.

Lenses and windows

  • Standard AR/AR coating (*A < 0,2%)
  • Low absorption AR/AR coating (*A < 0,15%)
  • Lenses: menicus, plano-concave, convex-convex
  • Windows: protective windows and Brewster windows

Material properties

  • Transmission range: 0,5 – 22 µm
  • Refractive index @ 10,6 µm 2,4028
  • Refrective index Inhomogeneity @ 10,6 µm 3 x 10-6
  • Thermoopical Coefficient @ 10,6 µm 611 x 10-6 K-1
  • Absorption coefficient @ 10,6 µm 5,0 x 10-4 cm-1

Zinc selenide quality differences

With ZnSe, a distinction is typically made between two grades. For high-power applications and systems such as laser cutting and laser marking, only the lowest-absorption ZnSe grade is used. This is because only this grade hardly heats up during use and enables consistent cutting and marking results.

For thermography, absorption is not decisive. Here, ZnSe material can be used that is more favorable than the laser quality.

ZnSe can develop toxic substances if used improperly. Do not process ZnSe mechanically, do not generate dusts and do not allow it to come into contact with strong acids. Follow local regulations for disposal or contact our team if you have any questions. Our AR/AR coatings are thorium-free. We only use coating materials such as fluorides, sulfides or semiconductors.

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