Mirrors for lasers and optical instruments

Pleiger Laseroptik’s mirrors for lasers and optical instruments are used in laser material processing, medical technology, measurement technology, spectroscopy, aerospace applications, and FLIR. Our research and development department allows for a speedy design process and subsequent production of customized optics and coatings. PLEIGER Laseroptik’s quality, reliability, and expertise has made us a long-term partner for a wide variety of optical industrial sectors.

Front Surface Mirrors

The PLEIGER front (first) surface mirrors are coated for maximum reflectivity on precisely polished and fabricated silicon, copper, fused silica, beryllium, aluminium and SiC. OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Conductivity) Copper, also referred to as Oxygen-free Copper (OFC) is an electrolytically refined Copper. It’s of high purity  with a level of oxygen as low as 0.001 % or below. It is more ductile and has a higher thermal and electrical conductivity. Leightweight aluminium mirrors are used in optical systems for a variety of reasons. Some advantages lightweight mirrors include shorter thermal equilibrium times, reduced weight, and lower system costs. Aluminium can easily be processed with SPDT technology. Especially novle aluminium alloys allow for surfaces with a very smooth micros roughness, even better than 3 nm rms. The rich abundance of silicon in nature and its minimum toxic property is a distinct commercial advantage over other synthetic materials. They comprise thermal stability, high durability and low costs. The mechanical strength and fracture properties are important for the structural aspect of the optical system.Lightweight optics made of Silicon Carbide are a perfect combination of material properties and polishing technologies. This ceramic material offers high stiffness, thermal stability and good thermal properties. SiC is a non-toxic replacement for Beryllium in high speed laser scanning systems without lowering the dynamic performance of the system.

Fused Silica

Gold Mirrors

Coating Options

PLEIGER offers a wide range of optical first surface coatings for optical instruments and laser applicationss. Metallic coatings are preffered for broadband applications and some low power laser instruments. An enhanced coating boosts the reflectance by adding dielectric layers, but the region over which the reflectance is boosted is limited. Laser line coatings are designed for a special wavelength or laser type.



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