SiC Silicon Carbide

Lightweight optics made of Silicon Carbide are a perfect combination of material properties and polishing technologies. This ceramic material offers high stiffness, thermal stability and good thermal properties. SiC is a non-toxic replacement for Beryllium in high speed laser scanning systems without lowering the dynamic performance of the system.

High precision mirrors are the key components for laser processing in scanheads. The beam position is controlled by two mirrors, and the lightness of the mirrors enables fast motion of the beam on the surface. The mechanical design of the mirror is based on weight, stiffness, thermal dissipation and moment of inertia.

Silicon Carbide Material Properties

_Density [g/cm3]   > 3,16
_Compressive strength RS [MPa]   2200
_Flexural strength, 4-pt bending s [MPa]   510 (25 °C)
_Young‘s modulus E [GPa]   420
_Poisson ratio µ   0,17
_Knopp hardness HK [GPa]   2450
_Fracture toughness KIC [MPa vm]   4
_Thermal conductivity ? [W/mK]   150
_Coefficient of thermal expansion a [10-6 K-1]   4,1 (500°C)

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