Lightweight optics made of Silicon Carbide are a perfect combination of material properties and polishing technologies. This ceramic material offers high stiffness, thermal stability and good thermal properties. SiC is a non-toxic replacement for Beryllium in high speed laser scanning systems without lowering the dynamic performance of the system.
_Density ? [g/cm3]   > 3,16
_Compressive strength RS [MPa]   2200
_Flexural strength, 4-pt bending s [MPa]   510 (25 °C)
_Young‘s modulus E [GPa]   420
_Poisson ratio µ   0,17
_Knopp hardness HK [GPa]   2450
_Fracture toughness KIC [MPa vm]   4
_Thermal conductivity ? [W/mK]   150
_Coefficient of thermal expansion a [10-6 K-1]   4,1 (500°C)
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