Mirrors for lasers and optical instruments

Pleiger Laseroptik’s mirrors for lasers and optical instruments are used in laser material processing, medical technology, measurement technology, spectroscopy, aerospace applications, and FLIR. Our research and development department allows for a speedy design process and subsequent production of customized optics and coatings. PLEIGER Laseroptik’s quality, reliability, and expertise has made us a long-term partner for a wide variety of optical industrial sectors.

Mirrors Selection Guide:

By Material:

Copper and Aluminium mirrors | Data Sheet

Silicon Mirrors | Data Sheet

Beryllium / Silicon Carbide Mirrors | Data Sheet

Fused Silica / BK7 / optical glasses

Metal mirrors are heavy and mainly used in high power applications like laser cutting and welding. Water cooling may be added.

Silicon is one of the most widely used material for laser scanning and cutting applications.

Beryllium and Silicon Carbide are only used for high speed scanning applications.

Mirrors made of optical glasses and braodband coated are used in optical instruments.

High Power CO2 mirror

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Mirrors Selection Guide:

By Coating:

Protected Gold Mirrors | Data Sheet

Protected Silver Mirrors | Data Sheet

Protected Aluminium Mirrors | Data Sheet

Enhanced Gold Mirrors | Data Sheet

Enhanced Silver Mirrors | Data Sheet

Enhanced Aluminium Mirrors | Data Sheet

Protected Gold, Silver and Aluminium Mirrors are used for broadband applications in optical instruments, spectroscopy and IR technology. They offer a good reflection over a wide wavelength range.

NIR-FIR: Gold and Silver recommended

VIS: Silver and Aluminium recommended

UV: Aluminium only

Enhanced metal coatings show an increased reflection at a selected wavelength range.

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