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First surface mirrors for ideal projection

First surface mirrors are characterised by a reflective coating on the first surface. Distortion and ghosting effects are thus avoided. In applications that require precise projection, our mirrors reliably achieve the best results. 

We offer first surface mirrors with gold, silver and other coatings made of glass, silicon, copper and other optical materials.

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surface mirror
surface mirror

The properties of first surface mirrors

Conventional optical mirrors reflect light at the back. First surface mirrors, on the other hand, reflect incoming light rays on the front side. This distinguishes the mirrors significantly from other optics.

First surface mirrors are the first choice for optical devices and instruments. The reflection at the front excludes any material-related distortions of the image.

In practice, this results in the following advantages:

First surface mirrors allow maximum reflection values. The coating of the front surface is primarily decisive for the quality of the reflection. Influencing factors are effectively limited.

Optics with back reflection cause ghosting effects. Since the front side of the optic also has its own reflection, this results in a duplicated image. This effect is particularly noticeable with deflectors, as the angle of incidence is greater here. With first surface mirrors, you avoid any “ghosting” effects because there is only one reflection surface.

The energy absorption of first surface mirrors is very low. This improves precision in the application because energy losses are reduced to a minimum. At the same time, the front-surface reflection increases the thermal load capacity of the optics. The material does not heat up. The mirrors can therefore be used in high-power lasers without any problems.

Applications of first surface mirrors

Whether laser technology, illumination optics or measurement technology – thanks to their unique properties, first surface mirrors are recommended for a wide range of applications.

Depending on the application, first surface mirrors differ in material, size, and coating. In addition, first surface mirrors are available as plane mirrors or concave mirrors. On request, we will be happy to manufacture special mirror shapes for your specifications.

We offer our customers first surface mirrors for the following applications, among others:

surface mirror
surface mirror

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Innovative materials and coatings for first surface mirrors

For the production of first surface mirrors, we at PLEIGER Laser Optics use metals, semiconductors and optical glasses. For example, we manufacture mirrors from silicon for use in CO2 laser systems.

The high sensitivity of first surface mirrors requires innovative solutions in development. The mirror layers are susceptible to environmental influences because they are on the outside and therefore not protected by the material of the optics.

We provide first surface mirrors with dielectric coatings and other protective layers to increase the durability of the mirror surface.

We also prefer to apply a dielectric protective layer to gold mirrors that can be used without a coating. This makes it easier for you to handle the optics. Silver mirrors for visible and infrared spectral ranges are provided with an oxide layer to limit the natural ageing effects of the precious metal.

surface mirror
surface mirror

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