Silizium Germanium Linse Lens

Silicon Lenses

Silicon lenses for long life IR instruments and systems. 

IR Vision

Cumstomized Products

High Transmission

Silicon lenses for night vision, IR cameras and general IR applications. Optimized for max transmission at operating wavelength range.

  • small chromatic aberration
  • high mechanical stability
  • usefull working range: 2-7 µm

Benefits of our products:

  • flexible production
  • customized optics
  • high durability
  • experience and expertise

Material properties:

  • Transmission range: 1,2 – 7 µm
  • Refractive index: 3,422 @ 5 µm
  • Density: 2,33  g/cm-3
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (10-6/°C): 2,55

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Optische Komponenten wie Laser Spiegel, Oberflächenspiegel, Vorderflächenspiegel / Front Surface Optical Mirrors

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