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Silicon Mirrors - Scanning mirrors and CO2 optics

The rich abundance of silicon in nature and its minimum toxic property is a distinct commercial advantage over other synthetic materials. They comprise thermal stability, high durability and low costs. The mechanical strength and fracture properties are important for the structural aspect of the optical system.

Our mirrors are coated for maximum reflectivity. PLEIGER’s manufacturing capability covers optics for CO2 lasers, scanning and optical instruments.

Silicon mirrors are available plano and spherical.


Silicon resonator


Silicon Resonator

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Silicon Properties / Standard Specifications / Options

Electrical Properties:

Electrical resistivity ( M Ω m ): 6*

Temperature coefficient ( K-1 ): – 0.7*


Physical Properties:

Density ( g cm-3 ): 2,33

Melting point ( °C ): 1410


Thermal Properties:

Thermal conductivity @23 °C ( W m-1 K-1 ): 163


*depends strongly on impurities

Dimensional tolerances:

Diameter: +/- 0,1 mm

Thickness: +/- 0,2 mm

Paralleslism: < 3 arc min

Clear aperture: 90 % of diameter


Surface Quality:

S-D: 40-20

Figure: 1/40 wave at 10,6 µm

Surface form:

– plano

– spherical



– Coatings [more]

Peiger Laseroptik’s precision mirrors are used in resonators, deflection units, and for beam bending. Scanning mirrors for laser marking applications are commonly associated with galvanometric scanners. The properties required of the mirror material are ease of production, very high stability, and a high fatigue limit. These are met in the silicon material chosen.

CO2 cavities produce a lot UV radiation. Our coatings are designed to preserve laser power under this harsh demands of the internal laser cavity. Proper cooling enables silicon mirrors to handle power levels of several kilowatts.

External CO2 optics are designed to handle the demands of industrial operating environment. The surface is coated with a hard toplayer. So the coating may be cleaned carefully with acetone to remove dust or contaminations. And the toplayer is also designed to protect the optic from humidity which may cause a degeneration over time. Especially in areas with a constant high humidity and temperature.

CO2 optics

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