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Silicon mirrors for industrial production

Silicon mirrors for industrial production

As a brittle-hard material with many applications, high-purity monocrystalline silicon is used in various areas of industry and science. These include highly demanding components such as lenses, prisms or mirrors, as used in optoelectronics and laser technology. In scanner systems, silicon mirrors are used to deflect the laser beam to enable high-precision cutting or marking.

Laser beam cutting or marking with pulsed or continuously emitting high-power lasers is now one of the proven processes in industrial practice. For the respectively desired high-precision results in manufacturing processes and micro material processing, high process reliability and constant power are required: Our High Power CO2 coatings and optics are designed to meet these high production challenges in the industrial environment.

Dielectric coatings, which are individually optimized for the wavelength or laser, ensure precisely defined optical interference between reflecting or transmitting partial beams of incident light. Pleiger’s optical mirrors are characterized by very low absorption values and maximum reflection properties of up to 99.9 percent. Dielectrically coated mirrors of this quality are optimally configured for the respective requirements, are extremely resilient and thus extraordinarily durable.

Silicon mirrors from Pleiger Laser Optics:

  • High durability, highest optical properties
  • Extremely thin dielectric coatings (in the nanometer range)
  • With proper cooling and mounting, laser powers up to serveral kW can be handled
  • Low absorption values
  • Maximum relfection
  • Wide range of applications

In industrial production, cutting with laser beams is a process that can be used to produce even very complex components with dimensional accuracy, precise kerf and cut quality, and little influence from heat. There are numerous application areas for automated, non-contact processing of different materials. These include unalloyed, low-alloyed, galvanized or coated structural and tool steel, high-alloy steels, AI or AI alloys, plastics (acrylic glass), rubber, paper, wood or quartz glass. Pleiger Laseroptik supplies high-quality mirrors and focusing lenses for laser cutting systems, which ensure optimum performance in numerous areas of application in industrial manufacturing. Further applications are in the fields of surface or depth marking or laser engraving of organic or metallic materials. This often involves machine-readable information on materials or end products: Date information, bar codes or serial numbers, but also logos, pictograms or illustrations. Laser mirrors and lenses from Pleiger Laser Optics are the first choice in many areas where precise ablative material processing is desired, such as the marking of metallic materials for permanently legible identification of nameplates or product marking.