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Plane mirrors

We supply high-quality plane mirrors for various optical and technical applications. Quality, reliability and experience make us a renowned partner for all optical industries.

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plane mirror
plane mirror

Plano mirrors

Plane mirrors are surface mirrors that are mirrored on the front, where the reflective surface is flat, unlike the surface of concave mirrors. These optical mirrors can be used for a variety of applications. Plane mirrors are used to direct or fold light beams. In addition, these mirrors are used for interferometry applications and serve as optical components in imaging systems. Furthermore, plane mirrors are used in OEM integration as well as in laboratories.
At Pleiger Laseroptik you can choose from a wide range of plan mirrors, which differ in terms of the following factors:
  • Substrates
  • Sizes
  • Surface accuracy
  • Coating

Profit from the advantages of powerful plan mirrors from Pleiger Laser Optics:

  • Optimum quality
  • Customized one-off to large-scale production
  • Fast delivery
  • Reliable quality assurance
  • Metallic and dielectric coatings

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The plane mirrors are thus available as metal mirrors and as laser mirrors. Metal mirrors are in turn made of gold, silver, aluminum, rhodium or platinum. Gold mirrors are used especially in the infrared spectral range and are used from a wavelength of 700 nanometers. The precious metal gold does not tarnish, so there is no need for a protective layer. However, gold is very soft, so it makes sense to apply a dielectric protective layer to allow occasional cleaning of the plane mirror. In the visible to infrared spectral range, silver mirrors are preferred because they offer the best reflection. However, due to tarnishing, the reflection deteriorates over time, so a protective oxide layer is recommended.
plane mirror
plane mirror

In the ultraviolet or visible spectral range, aluminum mirrors unfold their advantages. In the UV range, aluminum is even the material with the highest reflection. Since aluminum can be vapor-deposited relatively easily, this material is very popular for the production of optical systems. These plane mirrors should also be protected with an oxide layer. Aluminum is also the first choice when producing lightweight mirrors.

These plane mirrors are used in many technical and optical instruments because, in addition to their low weight, they also impress with low material costs. Aluminum alloys allow very low micro-roughness. Aluminum mirrors offer a good combination of thermal stability, long durability as well as low cost.

plane mirror
plane mirror

If you need particularly hard, chemically stable surfaces, rhodium or platinum mirrors are a good choice. Rhodium mirrors are often used in dentistry and platinum mirrors are very well suited for gas analysis.

Laser mirrors are also offered as plane mirrors. We produce high-performance reflectors made of silicon, copper, beryllium and silicon carbide. The silicon mirrors convince with dynamic strength and low manufacturing costs. When these plane mirrors are coated with a high power coating, they are also suitable for use in harsh conditions.

Copper mirrors are perfect for enabling optimum laser performance. They have excellent thermal conductivity and, in addition, cooling lines can be integrated into the plane mirror, making these mirrors ideal for laser cutting and welding.

Mirrors made of beryllium or silicon carbide offer optimum performance for scanning systems. Maximum scanning speeds can be achieved with the high-power coatings.

If you choose a metallic coating, this will provide sufficient reflection in the broadband range. Even for low power laser systems, the reflections of a plane mirror with metallic coating are sufficient. If a higher reflection is required, additional dielectric coatings should be applied.

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