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Parabolic mirrors for optical applications

PLEIGER Laser Optics produces parabolic mirrors for laser systems and other optical applications. Our high-precision products meet the highest technical demands.

Our coated parabolic mirrors are suitable for broadband spectra as well as for narrowly defined wavelength ranges.

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Properties of parabolic mirrors

Whether laser applications or measurement technology – parabolic mirrors can be used in a variety of contexts. In satellite communication, for example, concave mirrors are used to receive signals.

The geometric shape of the parabolic mirror is created by a parabola rotating around its axis of symmetry. All waves that arrive on the mirror surface parallel to the axis of symmetry are deflected by the parabolic mirror into the focal point. The received waves are concentrated there.

Parabolic mirrors were already used in Ancient Greece to concentrate solar energy and light the Olympic fire.

Nowadays, highly developed parabolic mirrors can be found, among other things, in:

  • IR measurement systems
  • Telescopes
  • Satellite receivers
  • directional microphones
  • Laser systems

Laser processing and optical measurements with parabolic mirrors

Parabolic mirrors are built into various laser and measurement systems – from the infrared range to visible light and the UV range.

Precise beam focussing is one of the central advantages of parabolic mirrors. The mirror converts parallel incoming waves into converging waves.

Even in compact setups, these mirrors are excellently suited for beam shaping. Angled concave mirrors can be used for deflection units.

Compared to other mirror shapes, parabolic mirrors are less limited to specific wavelengths. In broadband applications, parabolic mirrors therefore convince with a very low rate of aberrations.

For mirrors with a compressed parabolic shape, the performance values increasingly resemble those of spherical mirrors.

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Our range of parabolic mirrors: Precision you can count on

Industry and research have been using parabolic mirrors from PLEIGER Laser Optics for a long time.

Parabolic mirrors are suitable for the following systems, among others:

  • Gas laser
  • Infrared lasers
  • UV applications
  • Broadband laser
  • Optical transmission systems
  • Microscopy
  • Other measurement equipment

With high-performance materials, we ensure that our mirrors withstand the highest laser powers.

We manufacture parabolic mirrors made of copper for high-power gas lasers. We integrate cooling lines into the mirror to prevent the optics from overheating. This enables processes such as laser welding or laser cutting within industrial processes.

Additionally, we produce parabolic laser mirrors for resonator units and low-power laser systems. We adapt our products exactly to customer-specific needs. We would be happy to implement a customised solution for your specifications.

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Coating of parabolic mirrors

PLEIGER offers a unique coating service to optimise optics for applications. As a market leader in laser optics, we rely on innovative technologies such as dielectric coatings.

Performance values and durability as well as user protection are relevant in this context.

Thanks to our coatings, we improve the reflection of the optics. We reliably achieve reflection values of over 99.9% in the working range of 10.6 µm with our total reflectors.

In turn, we keep absorption values extremely low. This is essential for precise processing of materials with lasers. At the same time, we prevent damage to the optics or the laser system.

We use PVD coatings to protect parabolic mirrors against environmental influences. You can handle our optics easily and safely.

Depending on your process, we recommend different coatings for our mirrors. If you want to use parabolic mirrors inside YAG or fibre lasers, Enhanced Metal coatings are a good choice. Depending on the frequency range, you can choose between aluminium, gold or silver.

PLEIGER Laser Optics: Your contact for parabolic mirrors

Are you looking for parabolic mirrors that have to withstand complex loads?

Our decades of experience make us your partner for high-quality laser optics.

At our company headquarters in Witten, Germany, we manufacture parabolic mirrors as part of a diversified product range. In addition to parabolic shapes, our standard products include plane, concave, spherical, aspherical, toric and cylindrical optics. We can also produce other mirror shapes on request.

Our development department is always available for customised laser mirrors. Precision from PLEIGER supports your success.

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