High Power Mirrors for CO2-Lasers and Applications

Pleiger Laseroptik’s precision mirrors are used in resonators, deflection units, and for beam bending. Our product range includes flat mirrors and spherical optics of silicon, copper, silicon carbide, and fused silica. Combined with our gold-based high-power coatings, we offer precisely the suitable optics for any application with a wavelength of 10.6 µm. We also offer scanner mirrors for laser marking, plane mirrors for laser cutting, and bending mirrors for medical instruments.


Zero Phase Mirror

High power mirror for laser cutting, marking and medical instruments. Enhanced UV-stability for CO2-resonators|Download Data Sheet


Dual Band Mirror

Optimized for laser cutting and marking with enhanced reflectivity for alignment lasers | Download Data Sheet



Very hard mirror for laser welding | Download Data Sheet


Protected Gold

Broadband mirror for all kind of IR lasers| Download Data Sheet





Mirrors made of mirror grade silicon are the most used. They comprise thermal stability, high durability and low costs. These mirrors may be used with several kW of laser power.


Copper / Aluminium

Copper and aluminium mirrors are available with plano, concave, convex and aspherical surfaces. Diamond turned.


Beryllium / Silicon Carbide

The superior elastic stiffness of Beryllium has led to its extensive use in precision optical systems. SiC is a non-toxic replacement
for Beryllium in high speed laser scanning systems without lowering the dynamic performance of the system.
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