Aluminium Mirrors

Leightweight aluminium mirrors are used in optical systems for a variety of reasons. Some advantages lightweight mirrors include shorter thermal equilibrium times, reduced weight, and lower system costs. Aluminium can easily be processed with SPDT technology. Especially novle aluminium alloys allow for surfaces with a very smooth micros roughness, even better than 3 nm rms.

Our mirrors are coated for maximum reflectivity. PLEIGER’s manufacturing capability covers optics for CO2-lasers and optical instruments.

Silicon mirrors are available plano and spherical.




Aluminium Properties / Standard Specifications / Options

Electrical Properties

Electrical resistivity ( µ Ω cm ): 2,65

Temperature coefficient ( K-1 ): – 0.0039

Physical Properties

Density ( g cm-3 ): 2,70

Melting point ( °C ): 585

Thermal Properties

Thermal conductivity @23 °C ( W m-1 K-1 ): 150-202

Dimensional tolerances:

Diameter: +/- 0,1 mm

Thickness: +/- 0,2 mm

Paralleslism: < 3 arc min

Clear aperture: 90 % of diameter

Surface Quality:

S-D: 40-20

Figure: 1/40 wave at 10,6 µm

Surface form

– plano

– spherical


– internal cooling

– Coatings [more]


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